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New chapter of Nura.
It is amusing.

And I was really happy when Ryuuji was on the chapter-page, because he's awesome. I lvoe the dude.

Rikuo does not like going by train. At least Nigh!Rikyo don't. The human him can't do like Itaku and run.

The only one going by train in the end is Ryuuji, ffff XD

Itaku does not like to be called Rikuo's "parent" and he don't get why, either XD But Iiiitaku, it's obvious, seriously.

Most of all, though, I'm happy that Ryuuji is accompanying them. Even to the youkai village Toono. More that really has to hurt his pride as an onmyouji, I'm guessing. (Being saved by youkai more than once and all that)

Reira bring Tsurara to the onsen~ And Tsurara lose control over her Osore and freeze it up. Never had a bath in a natural hot spring before, it seems.

Night Rikuo just gets cuter and cuter, and it's just so much more obvious then he's in Toono, because there are so many people that bring out his extremely silly side.


The Gokadoin onmyouji house is... weird.. Sure, their Seimei's decendants and all, but you know... That guy in oversized clothes (who is supposed to be human) lived 250 years ago as well? What the---?

And because of what the other elder kappa said, I thought something had/was going to happen to Akagappa-sama, but he appears fine?

Nnngh, I want the next chapterrr~!


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