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I'm not very pleased at the moment, so I'll reply to the messages I have once I've calmed down.

You see;

I'm going to the shrink in Uppsala, see, and it's about 3 hours from the village with train. Maybe 2? Anyway, I had two appointments with different people; one this coming week and one the next.
However, because it gets quite expensive to travel between here and there that close to each other, I tried to get the time next week moved to the 23rd as well. Well, now that wasn't possible, but I'll be getting a time next month or the beginning of March.

The other point about this is that I'm starting two courses this term; Japanese and Creative Writing. The Japanese course is a complete distance course with lessons once a week and some things to do inbetween. The Creative Writing is a distance course with 4 days with IRL meetings. Two days now in January and two in February.
1; The CW course is located up in the North of Sweden, in Luleå.
2: The meetings this moth is the 26th and the 27th.

My parents are not supportive of this, because.
Well, because of my idiotic heart, I get tired travelling too much.
As far as they are aware, I get tired just so extremely easily. But as I've grown older (I'm almost 20, not 13, damnit -_- I know my limitations much better now) I have managed to get more used to traveling (Going to school in another town for three years, going to sort of... not really seminars, but, yeah, in another town)

I know I can handle this.

They don't believe me.

Because the appointment at the shrink isn't until 17.45, I'll be getting back from it late.
However, I have plans of going to my sister ([personal profile] sugarplumpie ) after, so I don't have to travel as long or far.
(Besides, I have stuff to get at her place, and I have stuff to leave at hers. They don't know about that; they'd kill me if they knew I buy doujinshi and stuff directly imported from Japan.)

And I'm going to stay at Tezz's place over the night, then go up to Lule. I'll get a full days rest before the class, damnit, I know I can handle it. Che.

Then again, they stick to the conviction that my class is the 25th, making it no breather inbetween.

And just because mom can't relax on a train doesn't mean that I can't. I know how to pass my time and I like traveling by train, it's so much more comfortable than a bus and they don't mind very much that I prefer sitting cuddled up with a book or my laptop and stuff, rather than sit in a seat.

I'm going to try to convince them again, though because they demand that I either;

1: Quit the CW course. (Which I refuse, I need something to do more than just sit wait for the hours to pass, and I want to get better at writing. That includes in Swedish. I suck at writing in Swedish.)
2: That I cancel my appointment at the shrink. (Hell, that's even more out of the question. I need to go, it's my own choice for once nand it's not anything I'm gonna drop.)

So... yeah.. a bit stormy now.

I'm probably gonna sit down write some gore tonight (even though I was up until 4 this morning and I really should get a proper nights sleep for once) But I just can't relax as it is.
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 I got Kimeru's album "Castor" today~!!


I absolutely love the new version of "Summer Rain" and then the bonus track "Happy Birthday to you"!!

But that's not all~

I got the TeniPuri Once Coin Figures~

I have Tezz's box too, but it's fine, I'm going to hers the 23rd.

The secret character was Zaizen~

The book for my Japanese Studies.
This morning: way too early.
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How many times do I have to miss the bus this week?
It's only the second time this far, sure, but still; it's a helluvalot frustrating.

Last time, I went just a minute too late from home.

Today, I went several minutes before I actually needed. But then I got another stupid stomach-ache and my phone rang. I couldn't get my hands on it while walking, so I had to stop. And that was a phonecall from yet another new coach at this find-job-program I'm in. And me, not having anything to note down what she said, had to turn around again. Just. Great. 

Only not.

But as I did, I also saw the bus pass. Some minutes earlier than it should. Lovely. Juuust lovely.


I'll give it a new try tomorrow. But if I miss it again, I'll have to get a ride with mom when she goes to the shop... yey, lovely. -_-

I hate that we have so few busses between the village and Hallsberg.
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Title: rainbow smiles sweet as salt
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Characters: Fran & Mukuro
Rating: T
Summary: In a world of their own, macabre as it may be, others did not belong.

Title: quick kiss
Fandom: Uta no Prince-sama
Pairing: Otoya x Tokiya
Rating: K+
Summary: "So it was a kiss you wanted? Sure, I'll give you one, Tokiya " 

And a comment about UtaPuri; contains spoilers, however short it is. )
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I'm sorry, for posting another thing from memegen. But..seriously? I'm gonna marry a friggin' horse, for some reason XD

(I'll probably pop in and check the daily quizzez from time to time.))

What will your music career be like by Braum
LJ Name
You will playPop
Your fans will beFrom Japan
You will marryA horse
Your career will endnever
You will make$594,434,818,516
You will die at the age of61
How you will diekilled by the Mob

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S--sorry.. Had to post this... It's just... One of my favorite couples are supposed to be my parents and Turkey's supposed to be my lover and hero while I'll marry Germania and be stalked by Seychelles.. pfft XD

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I made a NuraMago-pairing generator...
f you're into the fandom, please have a look?
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Took a look on Kimeru's blog just now and---adghwrah!!
I love the dude, he's so awesome and cute and sparkly and shiny~
picture spam. And some wondering of what's going on. )

He's the MC of something concerning the Nicomyu (Cantarella) the 13th. Swedish time it's at 15.00 to 16.00. In Corresponding UTC, it's at 13? I don't get that part. It's at 3 on Friday, though. =) Guests are Kane-chan, Naoyan, Shima-sensei (wait--wait--seriously?) and some Ooishi something. 
Boogie Woogie Night is soon, too. The first for the year~! If I've understood it right, there is no guest this time around, but I've heard something about some other stuff I didn't really get. Either way, It's the 16th, 10.30 (japanese time). It's 14.30 Swedish time. (Sweden's in +1 GMT if anyone is wondering, bytheway.)

Completely random, but since I've been wondering about this;
Did you know that Sweden and Denmark has been in war with each other at a total of 12 times? That's world record of times two countries have been in war against each other. That's even more times than England and France, who're known for having been enemies about always. They've been in war directly against each other without joining as another counties ally 8 times.
I need to do more research about the Swedish-Danish wars, because it's picked my interest.
Besides that I'm researching Prussia's and Hong Kong's histories, but that's another business completely.

Amaratheydidnt have also posted this journal entry. It's about LGTB in Japan, and features a small list of Lesbian, Gay and transgendered Japanese celibrities, as well as trailers to movies, and links to other articles concerning the topic. For example there is an article about gay/lesbian bars in Tokyo.

And I got an idea to a vampire story... well, a small, not very developed idea. But I'll see if I can get anything out of it. Just by seeing pictures of Mana.... Right... Huuuhhh.. Okay, we know who the model is, at least.... For one... I'll look around a bit more, pictures always help me relax and work around ideas. While he isn't my absolute fav-j-rocker (Rookie Fiddler from A is gorgeous), he is quite awesome as well.


Rookie Fiddler

And next topic iiis~
I've drawn a little, not much; mostly heads because I'm trying out a new type of coloring.

drawings here; all chibi )

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I posted some fanfics over at FF.Net the day before yesterday, and here are links to them.

Title: Closest thing to crazy
Rating: T
Words: 1253
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Pairing: Ayanami x Hyuuga (onesided)
Summary: Hyuuga is in love with Ayanami. But he don't know how it happened, and he is probably crazy for it.

Title: Just a little tired
Rating: K
Words: 436
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Pairing: Hyuuga x Ayanami (young)
Summary: Ayanami is tired and somehow wanders into Hyuuga's room. Hyuuga is surprised, to say the least.

Title: nightlights
Rating: K+
Words: 1042
Fandom: Bloody Monday
Pairing: Otoya x J
Summary: J observes the lights on the street, and then pester Otoya a bit.

Title: calm winter night
Rating: K
Words: 360
Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Pairing: Yanagida x Ryuuji
Summary: Yanagida and Ryuuji rest in the room, and outside, the snow is falling.

Title: Christmas Angel
Rating: M
Words: 1323
Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Pairing: Yanagida x Ryuuji
Summary: Ryuuji found himself both bound and blindfolded, with the presence of a youkai looming over him.

Title: Feathered Kiss
Rating: K+
Words: 270
Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Pairing: Tosakamaru x Gozumaru
Summary: The kisses were giving him such weird feelings inside, and it only made him confused.

Title: Forever
Rating: K
Words: 156
Fandom: Nurarihyon no Mago
Pairing: Gyuuki x Hihi (past)
Summary: He wished that he could turn back the time, and make this undone.

Title: Leave His Mark
Rating: T
Words: 350
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: Xanxus x Hibari
Summary: Xanxus was going to show everyone that the boy was his.


Dec. 30th, 2011 02:12 pm
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Since I can't order stuff to where I live, I have to get the stuff to Tezz's place instead. And I got some of the stuff I've ordered! Happiness!!

So in them were lots of different stuff~!

Three anthologies! I didn't think they'd be so thick, actually, and that was a happy surprise~
Two Takasugi books and one Okita book.

Hero Vision~ Almost only Toku and loads of Gokaiger in it! And I just bought it for that cover XD But looking at the pictures I think they're awesome.
Ren sat drooling all over the pictures of RyonRyon, though, so I can't really get that mag too close too her ^^;; *snickers* And Tezz was fangirling Kazari. =)

I love this photo, seriously.

And Marvelous' 'What's?' on these two just.. make me laugh all the time.

And there's with Basco and Marvelous, too! Yey Basco~!

And two of the Nurarihyon no Mago light novels. One of them contains a story with Ryuuji! I can't wait to reading it! And the two with little Rihan, too X3

Gintama 3Z light novels!

And I'm especially happy to get the Takasugi-kun light novel. There are stuff with Takasugi and Kamui in it and there's just-- so looking forward to reading this thing!

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Hello hello~ Greetings from Outer Space Sweden.
This here be Hotaru, hotarukunn from LJ, something-of-a-dunce from dA.

Besides the fact that I'm recently gotten interested in Moomin lately, I'm mostly interested in anime and manga.
Damn I love Snufkin (just as I did as a kid) and now also Joxar. They're so increadibly sweet. And besides that, I oredered the collected pieces with Tove Jansson's Moomin works. Look forward to reading them, since I grew up watching the animated series. Fenno-Swedish is quite charming, (although it's annoying when mom try to imitate the dialect.

There's a storm outside, and we just watched Den Girige (the greedy) by Moliére (or what his name was...) and we're... apparently... going to Marieberg tomorrow...


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