Mar. 19th, 2012 02:59 pm
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Some of my vids have been deleted. -_- So I'll work on upping them again. If PB work with uploading videos this time around, I'll have the Basco-vid uploaded there.



Long time

Feb. 22nd, 2012 01:53 pm
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Long time no writing. Sorry. It's over a month since I updated.

So what's happened since last time...? Not much, really. I've once again fallen in love with the Mayfield RP, and even though I was sceptic towards the change of turning it into a community-based RP, I think I prefer it this way, really.
I'm starting to slowly but surely move my fanfic-writing to be ArchiveOfOurOwn-based, since it's a more open page than FanFic.Net is.
You can find my account over here; under Hotarukunn (though it's my main-pseud, I'm going to use GekiFire as well.

I'm also more active at Plurk, so if you wanna friend me, feel free to. I'm GekiFire there, and will most likely be forever, too.

And I've read almost all of the Moomin-books. I bought all of them and when I was at my sister last time, I brought them back home. So there's only three books left to read. My favorite stories are absolutely anything concerning Snufkin and Joxter, but if I had to pick a certan book, it's The Exploits of Moominpappa (Muminpappans memoarer).

And I'm reading Bleach. And watching it, too. I've up until the end of the Bounty Arc on my computer, and I'm downloading the next batch (110-167) at the moment. I've reached episode 53, and is at chapter 20.

And have two newly colored pictures. =)

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 I got Kimeru's album "Castor" today~!!


I absolutely love the new version of "Summer Rain" and then the bonus track "Happy Birthday to you"!!

But that's not all~

I got the TeniPuri Once Coin Figures~

I have Tezz's box too, but it's fine, I'm going to hers the 23rd.

The secret character was Zaizen~

The book for my Japanese Studies.
This morning: way too early.
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Took a look on Kimeru's blog just now and---adghwrah!!
I love the dude, he's so awesome and cute and sparkly and shiny~
picture spam. And some wondering of what's going on. )

He's the MC of something concerning the Nicomyu (Cantarella) the 13th. Swedish time it's at 15.00 to 16.00. In Corresponding UTC, it's at 13? I don't get that part. It's at 3 on Friday, though. =) Guests are Kane-chan, Naoyan, Shima-sensei (wait--wait--seriously?) and some Ooishi something. 
Boogie Woogie Night is soon, too. The first for the year~! If I've understood it right, there is no guest this time around, but I've heard something about some other stuff I didn't really get. Either way, It's the 16th, 10.30 (japanese time). It's 14.30 Swedish time. (Sweden's in +1 GMT if anyone is wondering, bytheway.)

Completely random, but since I've been wondering about this;
Did you know that Sweden and Denmark has been in war with each other at a total of 12 times? That's world record of times two countries have been in war against each other. That's even more times than England and France, who're known for having been enemies about always. They've been in war directly against each other without joining as another counties ally 8 times.
I need to do more research about the Swedish-Danish wars, because it's picked my interest.
Besides that I'm researching Prussia's and Hong Kong's histories, but that's another business completely.

Amaratheydidnt have also posted this journal entry. It's about LGTB in Japan, and features a small list of Lesbian, Gay and transgendered Japanese celibrities, as well as trailers to movies, and links to other articles concerning the topic. For example there is an article about gay/lesbian bars in Tokyo.

And I got an idea to a vampire story... well, a small, not very developed idea. But I'll see if I can get anything out of it. Just by seeing pictures of Mana.... Right... Huuuhhh.. Okay, we know who the model is, at least.... For one... I'll look around a bit more, pictures always help me relax and work around ideas. While he isn't my absolute fav-j-rocker (Rookie Fiddler from A is gorgeous), he is quite awesome as well.


Rookie Fiddler

And next topic iiis~
I've drawn a little, not much; mostly heads because I'm trying out a new type of coloring.

drawings here; all chibi )


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