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I'm not very pleased at the moment, so I'll reply to the messages I have once I've calmed down.

You see;

I'm going to the shrink in Uppsala, see, and it's about 3 hours from the village with train. Maybe 2? Anyway, I had two appointments with different people; one this coming week and one the next.
However, because it gets quite expensive to travel between here and there that close to each other, I tried to get the time next week moved to the 23rd as well. Well, now that wasn't possible, but I'll be getting a time next month or the beginning of March.

The other point about this is that I'm starting two courses this term; Japanese and Creative Writing. The Japanese course is a complete distance course with lessons once a week and some things to do inbetween. The Creative Writing is a distance course with 4 days with IRL meetings. Two days now in January and two in February.
1; The CW course is located up in the North of Sweden, in Luleå.
2: The meetings this moth is the 26th and the 27th.

My parents are not supportive of this, because.
Well, because of my idiotic heart, I get tired travelling too much.
As far as they are aware, I get tired just so extremely easily. But as I've grown older (I'm almost 20, not 13, damnit -_- I know my limitations much better now) I have managed to get more used to traveling (Going to school in another town for three years, going to sort of... not really seminars, but, yeah, in another town)

I know I can handle this.

They don't believe me.

Because the appointment at the shrink isn't until 17.45, I'll be getting back from it late.
However, I have plans of going to my sister ([personal profile] sugarplumpie ) after, so I don't have to travel as long or far.
(Besides, I have stuff to get at her place, and I have stuff to leave at hers. They don't know about that; they'd kill me if they knew I buy doujinshi and stuff directly imported from Japan.)

And I'm going to stay at Tezz's place over the night, then go up to Lule. I'll get a full days rest before the class, damnit, I know I can handle it. Che.

Then again, they stick to the conviction that my class is the 25th, making it no breather inbetween.

And just because mom can't relax on a train doesn't mean that I can't. I know how to pass my time and I like traveling by train, it's so much more comfortable than a bus and they don't mind very much that I prefer sitting cuddled up with a book or my laptop and stuff, rather than sit in a seat.

I'm going to try to convince them again, though because they demand that I either;

1: Quit the CW course. (Which I refuse, I need something to do more than just sit wait for the hours to pass, and I want to get better at writing. That includes in Swedish. I suck at writing in Swedish.)
2: That I cancel my appointment at the shrink. (Hell, that's even more out of the question. I need to go, it's my own choice for once nand it's not anything I'm gonna drop.)

So... yeah.. a bit stormy now.

I'm probably gonna sit down write some gore tonight (even though I was up until 4 this morning and I really should get a proper nights sleep for once) But I just can't relax as it is.


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